Lucy's story

Lucy chose to have a fat graft to her breast to balance a difference in breast size (breast asymmetry). She had her surgery with Mr Jeremy Hurren at Spire Portsmouth Cosmetics Clinic in September 2014*.

Although it has only been a week, I feel quite excited about the change to my body. When I look down, my breast looks normal! 

“During puberty, only one of my breasts had grown and so I had a breast implant to balance up the difference in my breast size.

"I was happy with the implant, but after eight years I started to experience problems. The implants became hard and ‘capsulated’; they were very uncomfortable, hard like a tennis ball and hot to touch. I came to see Mr Hurren last year to have the implants removed, which I had done by him on the NHS.

Considering my options

"I then came back to see Mr Hurren at Spire Portsmouth Hospital this year to discuss my options to replace the implant. 

"I decided to have a fat graft instead of another implant. This involved having fat from my abdomen removed and put into my right breast. I chose this option as it seemed to offer a more natural-looking result than the implant and also gave me the opportunity of a permanent solution. I’m only 27 and didn’t really want another implant that might need replacing in the future.

"I met with Mr Hurren twice and he took me through everything and also gave me lots of leaflets about fat grafting that explained the pros and cons. He explained everything really well to my mum and me on my first visit. On the second visit he examined me to decide where on my body the fat should be taken from and we decided on the stomach. He explained that the fat would be removed using liposuction and then cleaned before being injected into my breast.

"Mr Hurren was really lovely and easy to talk to so I felt I could ask him anything."

A fantastic experience

"I came in for my surgery a month later. My room at Spire was beautiful and really clean. The nurses were really lovely and made me feel at ease. The anesthetist and Mr Hurren both came to see me and Mr Hurren marked my stomach with a pen to show where the fat would be taken from.

"After the surgery I felt tender on my stomach and bruised on my stomach and breast, but it was less painful and I had less bruising than I had expected. I had to wear a body garment around my stomach to support it whilst it heals. A nurse checked me after a week and said that my wound was healing fantastically well and I have my two-week check up this week.

"My care has been fantastic. Mr Hurren even called me at home a few days after the surgery to check how I was doing.

"Although it has only been a week, I feel quite excited about the change to my body.

"When I look down, my breast looks normal. It doesn’t look much different to when I had the implant, but it ‘feels’ different – softer and not as hard. I’ll need to wait until the bruising has all gone to see the final result, but I feel so much better inside.

"Having the surgery has made me feel far more confident and has definitely made me feel better about myself. Before I found myself sometimes putting my arm across my chest to hide my breast when I was with people. Now I can just put on a t-shirt and notice the difference.

"Mr Hurren explained that there is a chance that up to 50% of the fat graft could be absorbed by my body and I might need to repeat the procedure again, or it might last fine. It really depends on how my body responds. Even if I do need to have it repeated, at the end of the day it is so, so worth it!”

Lucy’s advice…

“My advice to any other women with asymmetric breasts would be – get it done!

"It feels natural and so much better than an implant. If you want a natural look and don’t want to look fake, then go for the fat graft. My friend has seen my new breasts and now wants to get hers done too!

"I’d definitely recommend Mr Hurren and I’m very grateful that he suggested it to me."

*This is a genuine patient story. This story was given in Sept 2014.

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