Liz's story

Liz chose to have a breast augmentation (enlargement) with Mr Jeremy Hurren at the Portsmouth Cosmetics Clinic

Everyone has commented on how much better I look, but some of them don't know why, as I haven't told them about the op. They just comment how well I look!

I had been dissatisfied with my breasts most of my life. I was a late developer and didn't start to really develop until my late teens. I put on weight in my 20s and as a result did have larger breasts. Then I lost weight and with the weight loss my breasts naturally shrank. Over one year I lost two stone and my breasts went from 38C to 36A.

I didn’t choose to do anything about it until earlier this year. I’m now in my early 40s and had started buying breast enlargement products.  A friend said "Why don't you just have surgery?" I said that I felt that it was an insult to women that had had breast cancer. She replied that me having surgery would not stop women getting breast cancer and I started to think about going ahead with surgery. 

Doing my research

My friend was seeing Mr Hurren for something and she mentioned he was nice and so I went on the Spire Portsmouth website, I checked his details and decided he was the right consultant for me.

I met Mr Hurren once before my surgery, but he did encourage me to book as many appointments as I wanted if I were worried about anything. I wasn't worried; I just wanted to have my new boobs.

Everyone at Spire Portsmouth was great

I was delighted with the all of the pre-op, recovery and after-care I received. Everyone was great and so pleasant. I was encouraged to ring the hospital at any time after my surgery if I was concerned about anything at all.

The results of my surgery really met my expectations. I now feel a lot happier. When I look at myself naked in the mirror, I no longer see a straight up and down body with saggy spaniel ear boobs!  

Everyone has commented on how much better I look, but some of them don't know why, as I haven't told them about the op. They just comment how well I look!

I now have bigger and more youthful breasts and I seem to hold myself more erect. Overall, I feel more feminine.

Liz’s advice…

I would advise others to research both your procedure and the consultant. Don't worry about asking silly questions, there are no silly questions and no, your boobs will not explode on planes! Yes, I did ask that!

Try not to let the things that could go wrong scare you, the consultant will discuss all the risks with you to help make your decision.  I did not find the recovery that painful and I was driving again after seven days.

Do listen at the consultation and write down a list of questions beforehand to make sure you cover everything you need to know. I also took pictures with me of what I wanted and also what I didn't want.

Sadly, I found that some people are just negative and do not understand that it is your body, not theirs! They don't have to live with what you live with.  You may receive some negativity from friends, but don't dwell on it. Remember the friends who have been supportive and have not tried to hold you back from what you want.

You only have one life... go for it.

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*This is a genuine patient story; the patient's name has been changed for privacy.