Jenni's story - Breast enlargement and liposuction with Mr Nick Bennett

Jenni's story

Jenni chose to have a breast enlargement and liposuction with Mr Nick Bennett at the Portsmouth Cosmetic Clinic.

I’m delighted with the results!  It has given me much more confidence and I wear clothes and swimwear that I would have avoided before!

I felt happy with my size, but I was dissatisfied with my body as I felt that I was out of proportion with tiny breasts and slightly heavy thighs and derrière.

Cosmetic surgery was something that I’d considered in my 20s but did not decide to go ahead with until I was in my 40s. By then I felt confident and felt that the time was right to make the changes that I wanted.

I work in the beauty industry and have seen many clients over the years that have had cosmetic surgery procedures – some with great results and others less so. So, it was important to me to do my research and find a surgeon I could trust. I chose to have my surgery with Mr Nick Bennett at Spire Portsmouth, as I liked his warmth and manner.  It's an intimate procedure and I wanted to feel comfortable with the surgeon.  I also knew that Nick was particularly proficient in breast enhancement. 

It felt good and empowering to choose to have surgery for myself

I decided to go ahead with two procedures at the same time to address the areas of my body that I was most dissatisfied about.  I choose to have my breasts made bigger and to have liposuction on my thighs and bottom, as I wanted to look in proportion. Having two procedures at once did mean more surgery but it also meant only one lot of downtime from work, only one anaesthetic and one lot of recovery time. It was also less money to have both procedures together.

I had an initial consultation with Mr. Bennett and then returned to discuss increasing the implant size by a small amount. I felt happy that these two visits were enough to answer all my questions, but was told that I was welcome to return as many times as I needed to.

Following the surgery I was uncomfortable but only needed a couple of paracetamols for pain relief.  I was on the sofa for the first day as I felt a bit sick and sore.  I then got up and had a quiet day two, entertained friends day three, drove for the first time day four and returned to work day five.  I was careful at work and did not lift or push or pull.  I think the discomfort became much better after about one week and I fully recovered after about one month; no more body angst.

Several years later I am still thoroughly delighted with the results!  It has given me much more confidence and I wear clothes and swimwear that I would have avoided before!  I feel more sexy and feminine.  I met my new partner over two years ago and I had no angst with starting a new relationship, whereas previously I would have been nervous of my body being exposed. My partner also reports that my breasts feel natural and he likes my figure as it is!

The procedures precisely matched my expectations! I was realistic though and had no delusions. I am certainly not perfect even now! I happily accept who I am though and try not to get hung up on other imperfections. I don't feel like a different person, I feel like I am myself with a slightly improved appearance, which is just how I wanted to feel!

Jenni’s advice…

I would say to other woman considering breast enhancements to be sure it is something they want for the rest of their lives. Write a list of pros and cons.  Do not expect it to change your life or you as a person. Don't do it for anyone else either. Do it for yourself!

Do your research: go to information evenings (The Portsmouth Cosmetic Clinic run them every month). Ask your GP. Talk to someone who has had it done. Wear a bra the size you think you want to be padded out and try different clothes. Find the size you want to be.

(The Portsmouth Cosmetic Clinic offers a breast enlargement ‘sizer kit’ to help you find the right size implants for you – speak to our cosmetic nurse for details). 

Jenni runs Grace Medi Spa in Hampshire providing a range of beauty and aesthetic treatments.

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