Helen's patient story, Nipple Correction with Mr Durrant at the Portsmouth Cosmetic Clinic, Spire Portsmouth Hospital

Helen's story

Helen* chose to have an inverted nipple correction with Mr Charles Durrant at the Portsmouth Cosmetic Clinic.

If I’d known how easy and smooth the whole process was, I’d have done it years ago. I now feel more confident and I feel complete.

Having inverted nipples had a big impact on my life. When I was younger I wouldn’t go swimming or to sleepovers with my friends, I avoided the school showers and hated games. Later I avoided sexual contact and even though I had big breasts wore cumbersome padded bras. I was embarrassed that the outline of the inverted nipples could be seen through my clothing and I felt deformed. By my mid-50s I felt exhausted with the self-torment and I also felt that I could afford to do something about it.  Importantly, I wanted to know what it felt like to be a ‘proper’ woman.

I knew of Spire Portsmouth as a work colleague had highly recommended it to another work colleague. I also knew MrDurrant’s work and that he had a reputation for precision and professionalism.  I could tell from his website that he worked as a reconstructive surgeon with cancer patients and knew that inverted nipples could be a symptom of breast cancer, so it was likely that he had performed this operation quite a few times.

I met Mr Durrant once when he examined me and confirmed the procedure was appropriate for my situation, after breast-feeding I had been left with one flat and one inverted nipple.  He explained the procedure, likely outcomes, scarring and risks. I decided to go ahead with the operation and liaised with his secretary to arrange a suitable date.

The whole process took less than an hour

I met again with Mr Durrant immediately before the operation and he reminded me of the procedure. We walked to the treatment room together where a nurse was waiting for us. Inverted nipple correction is a small operation carried out as an outpatient using a local anaesthetic. Being awake worried me because of feeling embarrassed, but it really was okay. Both Mr Durrant and the nurse were friendly and professional. I was injected by the areola and so didn’t feel a thing. The whole process took less than an hour and I could see my nipples reverted straight away. Mr Durrant applied a protective dressing and then after being given a biscuit and drink by the nurse I went to work!

The results completely met my expectations

After the procedure, I felt complete and at first I couldn’t stop touching them.  I now feel more confident and can wear bras that are more comfortable, less padded and more feminine. My breasts feel normal and even perkier (perhaps this is a happy delusion). I feel more like a ‘proper’ woman and less like a deformed excuse for one. I just wish I’d known how easy and smooth the whole process is, not that I would have believed it!  But if I had believed it, I would have done it years ago.

Helen’s advice…

Do it! Even if you’re a man and you have inverted nipples that bother you, don’t wait until you’re 50!  But even if you are 60 it’s never, ever too late to feel wonderful about yourself.

*This is a genuine patient story; the patient’s name has been changed for privacy.

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