Anna's story

Anna* chose to have a breast augmentation (enlargement) with Mr Jeremy Hurren at the Portsmouth Cosmetic Clinic. She shares her story just six days after her surgery!

I’m already really pleased with the results. I am just a bit frustrated with myself for not having it done sooner when I first started thinking about it over a year ago!

I had never had very big breasts, but after breast feeding my two children, I felt as if I really had nothing left. I had been thinking about having surgery for the past year.

We had booked a holiday last year with only five days until we went and with such little time I just couldn’t find a bikini to wear. I had always worn boost bras but just couldn’t find a boost bikini I liked. It was such a disheartening and depressing experience, one that made me dread our holiday. I thought ‘enough is enough’ and promised myself that this would be the last holiday I took before having a boob job! As it was we did book another holiday a year later without having had the surgery although whilst I was on my last holiday I started researching consultants and surgery options and even booked my consultant appointment from the poolside.

Finding the right doctor

Even before the holiday I had started to research consultants. As I had worked in the NHS for over 10 years, I knew the importance of finding a reputable surgeon. I wanted my surgery at Spire and wanted a surgeon that also worked in the NHS rather than just a cosmetic surgeon.

I chose Mr Hurren as I read about his work with breast reconstruction after cancer and felt that if he could do that sort of surgery then he would also be able to do mine. 

I met Mr Hurren and spent a full hour with him. This really stood out to me, as the previous surgeon I’d seen spent less than 10 minutes with me. Although I paid for my consultation with Mr Hurren I felt that I really got value for money.  Mr Hurren was friendly and approachable. He was quite clinical and we talked openly about things.

I had carried out my own ‘rice test’ to see the size of potential implants. I had read so many reviews from people wishing they had gone for bigger implants so wanted to be sure that I chose the right size.

Mr Hurren offered to see me again, but I was ready to have it done tomorrow.

My surgery

My only slightly negative experience was my pre-op appointment when I was kept waiting for too long for my MRSA swab and checks which only took a few minutes. But my admission day at Spire and my surgery was brilliant. I had a ground floor room with a door that opened onto the garden. It really didn’t feel like a hospital, more like a hotel.

After my surgery, I was in recovery for a couple of hours whilst they got my pain relief under control and during the evening I had a blocked cannula which was painful but was sorted out by the doctor. I stayed overnight and felt well enough in the morning to paint my toenails! I went home after being checked again by Mr Hurren.

Although I’d had anaesthetic before, this one really hit me and it took about three or four days before I felt fully awake and not dozing off all the time. I was pleased to find that it was in far less pain than I had anticipated.

Six days after surgery

It is now just six days after the surgery. I still feel tender, but far more able to move about that I had anticipated and I almost have full motion back.

I’m still getting used to my new boobs. It feels weird having a full chest without wearing a boost bra.

I could instantly see the results, even desperate to peer down my surgery gown whilst in recovery to get a peep of them. I just have waterproof plasters over the cuts which is great so that I was able to shower and bath immediately, which for me was really important.

I’m already really pleased with the results so far. I am just really frustrated with myself for not having it done sooner when I first started thinking about it over a year ago!

I’m a slim build so the results of my surgery have been pretty instant on my body shape. I feel so much better about myself inside already. Now I don’t have to use boost bras to pretend! Roll on summer and wearing a bikini!

Anna’s advice…

If you have kids, make sure you have some help at home afterwards. My little one is still in a cot so I haven’t been able to pick him up or put him into bed this week.

I also recommend a V-shaped pillow. It’s the best thing in the world for supporting your arms, back, neck and head; I took mine into hospital with me.

I also bought some zip up jumpers to make it easier so I don’t have to pull clothes over my head.

I can only take codeine based pain relief but it has a bad effect on my digestive system, which was actually more unpleasant than the pain from the surgery! I wish I’d thought about this before and planned for the effects.”

*This is a genuine patient story; the patient’s name has been changed for privacy.

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