Patient feedback is very important to us and here is a selection of what our patients have said about their experiences at Spire Parkway Hospital


Spire Parkway Hospital offers a non-invasive treatment for women suffering from uterine fibroids, known as MRgFUS. This treatment can be life changing as one woman discovered.

"I had suffered for years with very heavy, painful periods and had to plan events, outings and holidays around my periods. I was taking painkillers round the clock during my periods and they made very little difference to the pain.

"I was diagnosed with adenomyosis and was told by my gynaecologist that my only option for treatment was a hysterectomy.

"I was not ready physically or emotionally for such an invasive procedure. I started to research other options but no one was offering non-invasive treatments, until I found Dr Paul Crowe at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull.

"I contacted the team for a consultation and after looking at my MRI scan Dr Crowe assured me they could help me. Everything was explained to me about MRgFUS treatment and in August 2014 I was treated at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull.

"The whole team were absolutely wonderful. I was well informed, looked after and cared for very well.

"I noticed the difference after my first period. I had a light period and no pain whatsoever. Every period since the treatment has been the same and now I am like a different person.

"I can exercise, go to events and not worry about heavy periods and pain ruining my life. The aftercare has been just as good and I keep in touch with the lovely nurse Sue Hook who makes sure everything is running smoothly. I am so grateful to the very kind Dr Paul Crowe, Sue Hook and the rest of the wonderful team at Spire Parkway Solihull. They have changed my life."



So happy with her results, past MRgFUS patient Ruth Wright, spoke to the Daily Mail about her treatment.

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I would like to thank Dr Crowe for all the care, understanding and compassion that he has shown to me and my family.  He has a bedside manner that should be the envy of all and he is a truly gifted human being. He is so passionate, focused and driven in his field and from the moment I met him, I knew immediately that I was in the very best hands.

The MR machine that I was scanned in was very comfortable and although had some of the features of other scans I have had, I do think that the opening was somewhat wider on the new MR scanner, which gave me more of a sense of openness.  I was also happy and secure in the knowledge that the bed could also be pulled out – just in case.

My thanks must also go to the wider team at Spire Parkway Hospital.  From the moment I arrived at the hospital, I felt safe and reassured.  The receptionist provided a very warm welcome and the radiographer who talked me through the scan before and during my experience had a very gentle voice and I did not feel rushed in any way.  The fact that everyone at Parkway was happy to talk and happy to care all equated to an exceptionally caring team.  Thank you.