Welcome to the new Spire Manchester Hospital

Spire Healthcare is investing a planned £63 million into building a brand new private hospital in Didsbury, Manchester.

Located next to the Siemens' Princess Parkway site, the new facility will be the flagship hospital within Spire's portfolio. Incorporating some of the most up-to-date facilities, the new Spire Manchester Hospital will be equipped to undertake an enhanced range of services, including highly complex surgery.


Enhanced Facilities

The new Spire Manchester Hospital will have six laminar flow operating theatres, including a hybrid theatre which is capable of accommodating complex procedures. Adding to our existing surgical specialties, we plan to undertake advanced vascular and cardiology procedures. The theatre department will be supported by 71 day-case and in-patient rooms and a six bed ITU, staffed by specialised nurses.



Our large Perform physiotherapy department will offer advanced equipment and treatments, such as the AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill. In addition, we will have a large gym area and a 215 square foot hydrotherapy pool; the first in a private hospital in the North West.


Conference and education centre

The top floor of the new Spire Manchester Hospital will be a medical conference and education centre. Capable of accommodating up to 150 guests, complete with a large breakout area, balcony and floor to ceiling windows, this will be the perfect environment for learning. With the capability to video-link into the operating theatre, our medical education programme will be significantly enhanced by these new technologies.


Check back regularly for updates on the new Spire Manchester Hospital.