Non-surgical and skin treatments

The following treatments are available at Spire One Penny Lane Clinic under the care of one of our cosmetic surgeons or aesthetic nurse.


Anti-wrinkle injections

Wrinkles are caused by everyday factors like sun damage, smoking and facial expressions including laughing or frowning. As you get older the elasticity of your skin reduces too, and wrinkles naturally form - wrinkle relaxing injections can help to reduce wrinkles for younger looking skin, without the need for surgery.

Chemical peel

Chemical peels are able to improve the texture of your skin helping you achieve a younger, fresher look. They can help to reduce the signs of ageing, treat scars and blemishes and create healthier, firmer looking skin without the need for surgery.

Dermal fillers

This procedure can be used to create fuller lips or fill out lines around the mouth, nose and cheeks to create a subtle, smoother appearance. Whereas wrinkle treatments affect the muscles that cause lines, dermal fillers work by filling the wrinkles or creases to add volume to the skin.


Dermaroller™ therapy is a treatment that can rejuvenate your skin to give it a more youthful, healthy looking natural glow. It can also be effective in improving the appearance of acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.

Treatment is carried out using Dermaroller™ micro medical skin needling. The many tiny needles penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production, allowing the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally.

Non-surgical price list