The One Penny Lane Eye Clinic

Liverpool eye clinic, One Penny Lane

The Liverpool Eye Clinic is an exciting new development at Spire One Penny Lane Clinic. The existing ophthalmic consultants, with the addition of Mr Ian Marsh, have grouped together to form a comprehensive eye care service.

The Liverpool Eye Clinic is based in a brand new clinical facility, Spire One Penny Lane Clinic, at which is located in a converted property adjacent to the existing Spire Liverpool Hospital.

The new development, at One Penny Lane, is linked to the rest of the hospital complex by a link corridor. The ophthalmic clinic comprises of two consulting rooms, an ophthalmic imaging suite and a minor operating room. All of the many different sub specialties within ophthalmology will be covered by the range of consultants who are part of the group.

This means that if you are referred to the Liverpool Eye Clinic, it will be with confidence that the correct sub specialist can see you and you can get the specialist care that you need. 

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