What are the side effects with chemotherapy?

Side effects vary depending on the type of chemotherapy drugs used. You may not experience all the side effects associated with the drug you are taking, and if you do, they may only be mild. Most side effects are temporary, and will go after treatment has finished. Often you can take medicines that help to reduce any side effects. Your consultant will discuss the possible side effects associated with your treatment before you start chemotherapy. Your oncology team will help you to prepare for them and support you through any problems.

Common side effects to chemotherapy include sickness, hair loss (depending upon the type of chemotherapy you have) and tiredness, which is the most common side effect. Treatment can also affect the blood, digestive system, mouth, skin, nails, fertility, bone marrow and some body organs. For more information on specific side effects visit the http://www.macmillan.org.uk/information-and-support/treating/chemotherapy