Fertility preservation

Unfortunately Spire Edinburgh Hospitals are unable to provide fertility preservation for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Freezing and storage service for the preservation of sperm and fertilised eggs, called embryos, is available through the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary as well as clinics in the Glasgow area. We will help you source a suitable clinic if needed.   


If you have previously undergone fertility treatment and wish to preserve embryos for future treatment cycles following successful treatment for cancer, surplus good quality embryos may be frozen and stored for use in future IVF/ICSI cycles. Frozen-thawed embryos used in treatment have a lower viability rate than 'fresh' embryos; however the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is less invasive.

The standard storage period for embryos is 10 years from the date of freeze, up to a maximum of 55 years.


Sperm can be stored for use in future fertility treatment prior to a patient undergoing treatment for cancer. For more information about the storage of eggs, embryos and sperm, speak to your oncology nurse and they can advise you of suitable clinics.