Guide prices

Ophthalmology consultation

A consultation with one of our consultant ophthalmologists is between £150 and £220*

Tests and scans are charged separately.



Cataract procedures are usually carried out as day case procedures at Spire Shawfair Park Hospital.

£2,250 per eye with local anaesthetic

£2,950 per eye with general anaesthetic 

Biometry tests (for cataract patients) - £80 for one eye or £152 for both eyes.


Laser eye surgery

£1,650 - £1,950* per eye

Initial consultation FREE (cost includes pre-op scans and assessment by a Consultant Ophthalmologist)

*Price range dependent on your prescription. When considering the clinic for your eye care, we encourage you to check the specific price based on your individual prescription. 


Ptosis correction

£2,900 per eye with local anaesthetic

£5,800  for two eyes with local anaesthetic


Refractive / clear lens replacement

Specialist lens or premium lens - £3,100 to £3,800 per eye (Mr Ross only)


Outpatient procedures

Excision of eyelid lesion under local anaesthetic – from £400 plus any laboratory costs

Excision of lesion of canthus – from £875 plus any laboratory costs


If you would like costs for any other procedures, please feel free to contact our customer service team on 0131 316 2507.