Why Edinburgh?

Our patients benefit from the skill and experience provided by the medical professionals who come from all over the world to forge their careers in Edinburgh.

  • Spire Edinburgh Hospitals are well-respected private hospitals
  • We have over 30 years’ experience of treating patients
  • State of the art medical equipment with cutting edge technology
  • Highly qualified surgeons, doctors and nursing  
  • Edinburgh is a safe and friendly city

Centre of medical excellence

Edinburgh has an established, international reputation for medical excellence. The city boasts one of the richest heritages for medical research and teaching in the world. The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (established over 500 years ago) is one of the oldest surgical corporations in the world.  The society has always dedicated itself to promoting the highest standards of surgical education, training and clinical practice. The society is a truly global college; it attracts nearly 20,000 fellows, members and affiliates in almost 100 countries worldwide and has close ties with the cities hospitals[1]. Spire Murrayfield Hospital provides the base for the private practice for a selection of these highly experienced surgeons and physicians.

The academic reputation of the city is bolstered by the University of Edinburgh which has pioneered the education of medical professionals since the 16th century  and was also instrumental in founding several of the first medical schools in the USA and Canada. The university has cultivated an impressive array of world leading alumni doctors and regularly features in the top rankings of the world’s medical schools[2]. Murrayfield Hospital is proud to support Edinburgh universities research doctors as the university provides the hospital with the resident medical officers who are on call 24/7 to care for our patients. Indeed, it was these doctors who contributed to the university being ranked top in the UK for medical research submitted, with all work rated at international level and 40% at the very highest ‘world-leading’ level. (2012)[3]

Live in one of Scotland’s most desirable destinations 
Scotland attracted 2.2 million foreign tourists in the last year, making it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations[4]. Lonely Planet has recently announced that Scotland is one of the Top Ten countries to visit in the world[5]. The UK has 28 sites inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List and features cities of high cultural interest, of which Edinburgh’s old and new towns are included. 

The city of Edinburgh offers diverse cultural and touristic attractions, allowing recovering patients and their family or friends a place to relax. The hospital is only 10 minutes from the city centre, with excellent public transportation to the city centre or further afield such as Glasgow (45 minutes by train) or the highlands, Ben Nevis and Loch Ness (approx. three hours). Explore Scotland’s beautiful scenery such as small and picturesque Scottish villages of quality heritage are within easy driving distance of our hospitals. The Scottish borders are a 30 minute drive and offer an exquisite gateway to rural Scotland and the English border.

If you would like help with travel plans, tours or accommodation for your trip, we recommend contacting Scotland’s national tourism organisation, Visit Scotland. The following links may be helpful.


Accommodation: http://www.visitscotland.com/accommodation/ 

 Tours : http://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/tours/ 

Travel: http://www.visitscotland.com/travel/to-scotland/ 



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