Anti-wrinkle injections: Heather's story

It's very natural and makes me feel good about myself - my face looks fresher
Heather, Elland

As a customer service manager, Heather is face-to-face with people every day, so feeling comfortable with how she looks is important to her.

Six years ago, Heather decided she would benefit from cosmetic treatment to her face. “I felt I was not ready for facial surgery, but was starting to look a bit tired and felt in need of pepping up.”

Heather decided to have Botox and fillers at Spire Elland Hospital, and was so happy with the results she has continued to regularly top up the treatment.

Aware of the dangers of seeing an unregulated non-surgical cosmetic practitioner, Heather knew she wanted to see a reputable surgeon.

She says, “I knew I didn’t want to go to a high street clinic without regulations, and Spire was a name I could trust. I felt comforted by the fact that it would be a cosmetic surgeon who would administer the treatment, as they are best qualified to do so.”

Heather explains the experience when she has treatment at Spire Elland Hospital: “I usually have a consultation with the consultant to talk about what I want to achieve, and discuss the risks and potential side effects, which are always important to bear in mind.”

Heather normally has Botox twice a year and fillers every 14 months. She says: “I normally feel fine and ready to go straight back to work after the treatment. There is sometimes some slight swelling and perhaps some pinprick bruising, but it goes down within a couple of days.”

The treatment itself only takes around 20 minutes to complete and Heather loves the fact the results are immediate. “The treatment is very natural and makes me feel good about myself. My face looks fresher, and people notice that.”

Heather warns those considering treatment that non-surgical procedures are not one-off fixes. “You need to be prepared to go back for top-ups when you need it, but the results are definitely worth it as I always feel far more confident and happy about facing people at work.”


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Watch Heather's story

Watch Heather's video of her experience of anti-wrinkle injections with Spire Cosmetic Surgery

Heather after her anti-wrinkle injections

Heather after her anti-wrinkle injections at Spire Cosmetic Surgery

"I felt comforted that it would be a cosmetic surgeon administering the treatment - I didn’t want to go to a high street clinic without regulations"


Heather before her non-surgical treatment

Heather before her treatment with Spire Cosmetic Surgery

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