VASER liposuction: David's story

I feel great – it was the best money I’ve ever spent
David, Essex

Fifty-three year old David Mead was a regular at his local gym, putting in a good six hours a week, but found this wasn’t enough to stop middle-age spread.

“I started training when I was 12 years old, working out in my dad’s garage. I’ve enjoyed keeping fit and weight training ever since, but I there was nothing I seemed to be able to do about the stubborn pockets of fat that had developed and wouldn’t shift.

“At just 5’ 6” I’m vertically challenged, and being quite short means it’s more difficult to keep trim, especially once I hit 50. Looking back it was worse than I realised too – man boobs, and a bit of a belly. We go out for a lot for meals and such like, and it was starting to show!”

At 13 stone, David had tried diets, but found he’d lose muscle as well as fat, and then usually end up putting the weight back on anyway.

He heard about ultrasonic liposuction from a TV programme, and was interested to hear that it could accentuate the patient’s shape and sculpt around the muscle.

“It sounded like this high definition VASER liposuction was just what I needed as I did have a lot of muscle, but it was covered in a bit too much fat.”

This stayed at the back of David’s mind for a few years before he actually decided have the treatment. He did some research on the internet and spoke with several different clinics and hospitals before seeing Mr Jag Chana at Spire Bushey Hospital in Hertfordshire.

“Spire Bushey is about 40 miles away but I liked the place, and really liked Mr Chana straight away. I felt like an individual, and knew the operation would be tailored around what I needed. The specific treatment being offered would sculpture the liposuction around my muscles.”

David was able book his three-hour surgery to fit between a couple of holidays he had booked. He was looked after by Spire Bushey’s specialist nurses, and after one night in hospital returned home.

“I had bruising from my knees to my shoulders, and did feel a bit battered, but everyone was great looking after me.

“I was told it would take about six weeks to recover, but started feeling ok after three or four weeks. At first I was very sore, but not to the point I needed pain killers so I guess it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t get any sympathy from my wife though – she said it was self-inflicted!"

David’s aftercare involved regular follow-up appointments, and he had a further two smaller treatments to enhance the work already done.

“I’ve become even more confident, and feel better about myself. I’m also more motivated in the gym, and am happier training without having unsightly fat deposits, especially on my chest. Since the operation I’ve bulked up and put on more muscle, and can see the results rather than them be hidden under a layer of fat.”

Since having the surgery, David’s extra motivation in the gym led him to take part in a charity boxing event and raise £1,000 for a children’s hospice near his Basildon home.

“I was going to the gym five times a week, and spending a couple more sessions a week doing boxing training. I got back up to 13 stone again – but this time it was muscle not blubber! I felt super-dooper fit, and proud to say I won my fight.

“I would recommend this type of liposuction 100%. It’s not for people who are obese but for someone like me, it was perfect. It’s not so much a weight loss thing, more about modifying your shape.

“I feel great - it was the best money I’ve ever spent.”


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Watch David's story

Watch David's video of his experience of VASER liposuction with Spire Cosmetic Surgery

David after his surgery

David after his VASER liposuction with Spire Cosmetic Surgery

"Since the operation I’ve worked out more, and can see the results rather than them be hidden under a layer of fat"


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