Video testimonials from our patients

We are proud that so many of our cosmetic surgery patients have had such great experiences with us that they want to share their stories.

Below you can watch video interviews with past patients, on everything from breast enlargements to tummy tucks, discussing their personal experiences with Spire Cosmetic Surgery.



Claire had breast enlargement surgery at Spire Regency Hospital in Macclesfield.

"I’m really pleased I’ve had it done – I can fill a bikini properly now and wear clothes I wouldn’t have worn before."

Read Claire's story


Pat had neck lift surgery at Spire Dunedin Hospital in Reading.

"I wanted to get rid of my ‘chicken neck’, but I wanted to look natural. I’m really happy with the result"

Read Pat's story


Wendy had a tummy tuck at Spire Yale Hospital in north Wales.

"If anyone was thinking about getting a tummy tuck done, I’d say ‘do it’ - I wish I’d had it done 25 years ago!"

Read Wendy's story


David had VASER liposuction at Spire Bushey Hospital in Hertfordshire.

"I would recommend this type of liposuction 100% for modifying your shape - it was the best money I’ve ever spent."

Read David's story


Heather had anti-wrinkle injections at Spire Elland Hospital in Leeds.

"It looks very natural and makes me feel good about myself"

Read Heather's story


Emma had breast enlargement surgery at Spire Elland Hospital in Leeds.

"I feel really happy with my decision. My clothes fit better, and now I can happily wear a bikini!"

Read Emma's story



Faith had a tummy tuck at Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital.

"My family has noticed a massive difference in me since the surgery – it has been truly life-changing."

Read Faith's story



Marilyn had a facelift and fat transfer at Spire Cheshire Hospital.

"It gives you more confidence and a new lease on life."

Read Marilyn's story



Jenni had a breast enlargement and liposuction at Spire Portsmouth Hospital.

"I just feel more confident, especially when it comes to wearing certain clothes such as swimwear and eveningwear."

Read Jenni's story



Ashley had a breast enlargement at Spire Southampton Hospital.

"I feel a lot more confident about myself now. I’m actually a bit overwhelmed by how natural and good my breasts look."

Read Ashley's story



Kate had breast enlargement surgery at Spire Bushey Hospital.

"I can’t wait to show off my new figure!"

Read Kate's story



Janet had a mini facelift at Spire Portsmouth Hospital.

"Now with my confidence back, I can wear my hair up again, which is something I had stopped doing as I was so self-conscious."

Read Janet's story



Angela had a breast reduction, breast uplift and tummy tuck at Spire Edinburgh Hospital.

"The care was second to none, and the hospital could not do enough for me."

Read Angela's story

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