Tummy tuck: Faith's story

I now feel I have the confidence I didn't have before
Faith, Hull

After having three children, the skin around Faith’s stomach wasn’t the same as it used to be. Faith became so unhappy with how she looked that she lost all her confidence. She says; “I didn’t feel comfortable being naked in front of my partner and I felt extremely self-conscious going swimming, which is something I used to love.”

Deciding she had to do something to bring back her confidence again, Faith started to research cosmetic surgery, and after seeing a couple of surgeons who said they wouldn’t be able to help her, she was distraught. She explains; “It was awful to think I would have to live like this for the rest of my life, so I visited one last surgeon at Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital.”

Faith saw Mr James Haeney, and she showed him her stomach during her first consultation. She says, “It really upset me showing him, but he put me completely at ease, saying he would be able to help get my life back to normal with abdominoplasty surgery.”

Undergoing the seven-hour procedure to remove the excess skin from her stomach, Faith spent four days in hospital recovering. “All the staff were excellent, they knew all my little quirks, bringing me an Earl Grey tea every morning which I loved!” she says.

Even though her surgery was over the Christmas period, Faith felt well looked after. She says, “Mr Haeney made sure I knew I could call him at any time of the day or night, which was very reassuring.”

Now she has healed, Faith has the body she’s always wanted. She says, “I didn’t want to be a ‘skinny minnie’. I just wanted my old body back, and that’s exactly what I got.”

Faith’s surgery had such positive effect on her that she would encourage anyone thinking about an abdominoplasty to find out more: “Your lack of confidence affects those around you, and my family has noticed a massive difference in me since the surgery – it has been truly life-changing.”


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Watch Faith's story

Watch Faith's video of her experience of a tummy tuck with Spire Cosmetic Surgery

Faith after her surgery

Spire patient Faith after her tummy tuck cosmetic surgery

"My family has noticed a massive difference in me since the surgery – it has been truly life-changing"


Faith before her surgery

Spire patient Faith before her tummy tuck surgery with Spire

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