Breast enlargement: Emma's story

I feel really happy with my decision. My clothes fit better, and now I can happily wear a bikini!
Emma, Elland

Even when she was at school, Emma did not feel happy with the size of her breasts and this carried on through to her twenties, causing her to consider cosmetic surgery. She explains: “I work as a beauty therapist, administering non-surgical cosmetic treatments so am aware of potential risks that cosmetic procedures can involve.”

Emma’s major concern was that wanted to be treated by a reputable surgeon. She says: “I had heard about people going abroad for surgery, and knowing how important good aftercare is, I decided to go to my local Spire hospital.”

Emma saw consultant plastic surgeon Mr Ivan Foo at Spire Elland Hospital. During her consultation, Mr Foo used an interesting technique to help her make the right choice in size. Emma says: “We discussed sizes and Mr Foo recommended I go out and buy the bra size I thought I wanted and then fill the cups with rice wrapped in cling film! It actually worked, and I settled for a DD cup.”

After surgery, Emma stayed in hospital overnight and was sent home with information on after care and spent two weeks recovering. She says: “I thought I would be in more pain, but just felt a little uncomfortable.”

The hospital’s specialist cosmetic nurse was on hand any time Emma wanted to call. She says: “It was reassuring to know someone was on the end of the phone if I needed them.”

Emma has some words of advice for anyone considering cosmetic surgery: “It’s very important you pick a credible hospital and surgeon. I met the surgeon who would be carrying out my operation at the first consultation, not a salesperson, which made a big difference to me.”

Emma is delighted with her new look, and now has a newfound confidence. She says, “I feel really happy with my decision. My clothes fit better, and now I can happily wear a bikini!”


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Watch Emma's story

Watch Emma's video of her experience of a breast enlargement with Spire Cosmetic Surgery

Emma after her surgery

Emma, breast enlargement patient with Spire Cosmetic Surgery

"Now I can happily wear a bikini!"


Emma before her surgery

Spire patient Emma before her breast enlargement surgery

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