Breast enlargement: Caly’s story

I’m very excited about being able to wear flattering outfits and feeling confident about how I look!
Caly, 39, Liverpool

When Caly, aged 39, from Liverpool, split with her partner of 20 years she decided that she wanted to make herself feel better about the way she looked. Caly had been wearing padded bras to enhance her figure. She’d been thinking about having breast augmentation since the birth of her second child nine years ago but had done nothing about it – the break-up was the push she needed.

Caly contacted various cosmetic surgery providers but decided that she wanted to have her operation at Spire Liverpool Hospital because she had heard positive stories about a relative’s experience there.

Spire Liverpool Hospital put Caly in touch with Mr Chandrashaker, a consultant breast-oncoplastic surgeon at the hospital, and Caly immediately felt she was in safe hands.

“Mr Chandrashaker wasn’t pushy at all and made sure that I was 100% certain about the decision before he would book me in. He specialises in breasts and has so much experience that I felt very confident that he would do a good job for me.”

Caly’s operation was booked in for the 15 September 2009 and she couldn’t have been happier with the experience. She comments: “Everything was absolutely brilliant; the care I received at the hospital and from Mr Chandrashaker – just everything was great!”

Caly was advised to take it easy for the first week or so following the operation. Her family was on hand to help so she was able to spend the time resting and avoiding household chores. Caly was also told not to drive for two weeks and she really appreciated her sister driving her around, picking the children up from school and taking her to the supermarket.

“A little over a week after the operation and I felt great, I had no pain and I feel my whole appearance is improved. I’ve been told to wear a sports bra for six weeks but I can’t wait to go shopping for new underwear and clothes. I’ve booked a holiday in India with my sister for Christmas and I’m very excited about being able to wear flattering outfits and feeling confident about how I look.”

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"Everything was absolutely brilliant! I feel my whole appearance is improved."

Caly Lord

Caly after breast surgery

Spire Cosmetic Surgery patient Caly Lord after undergoing a breast augmentation (breast enlargement)