Our patients’ stories

Spire Cosmetic Surgery has been helping people achieve the look they want for over 25 years. We are grateful to patients who choose to share their experiences of cosmetic surgery with us.

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Patient Testimonial

"In July I underwent surgery at Spire Murrayfield Hospital to remove PIP breast implants. When the news broke regarding PIP implants earlier this year, I became fearful that the implants I received back in 1999 may well be of this nature. I buried my head in the sand and tried to convince myself that this was not the case. As the months went by I became more and more anxious until I plucked up the courage to contact Murrayfield and find out. The hospital confirmed that I had indeed been given PIP implants and my worst fears were realised. I now see that I had nothing to worry about. From that time on the hospital staff and processes were superb. I was invited in quickly to see my consultant, Mr Patrick Addison who carefully explained my options and the removal and replacement procedure. I was told this would be paid for by the hospital - a great relief. On the day of my operation everything was in place and I was treated extremely well by all staff. My nurse, Wendy was professional, caring and sensitive to my anxiety. Mr Addison answered all my questions and nervous ramblings and put me at ease - as much as one could be at ease before an operation! After my operation everything was again carefully explained to me and I was never left unsure or wondering. It is now two weeks since surgery and I am healing well. I just want to thank everyone for treating me like an individual and not just another patient - for excellent care, understanding and sensitivity" July 2012 

Ashley's breast enlargement video diary

Watch Ashley's video below to see her experience having a breast enlargement with Spire Cosmetic Surgery, or read Ashley's full story here.