3. Your first cosmetic surgery
    consultation: how to prepare

An initial consultation with a specialist cosmetic surgeon will help you set realistic expectations of what your chosen procedure can achieve for you. The consultation will also help the surgeon make a professional assessment of your motivation for wanting cosmetic surgery, and whether they can offer treatment that will meet your expectations.

Why do you want cosmetic surgery?

You should expect to be asked a number of questions about your reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery and the surgeon should show you ‘before and after’ photographs of similar operations they have performed.

You may find it helpful to bring a friend, partner or relative with you to the consultation, as there will be a lot of information to absorb and consider.

Ask about risks and side-effects

Make sure you are given a full explanation of any risks associated with the operation – in terms of expected side-effects (such as pain during recovery and scarring) and all possible complications. While it’s tempting to avoid considering these issues, it’s better to be fully aware of both the risks and benefits so that you can make the right decision.

You should be given written information about the operation and associated risks so that you can study this carefully at home. In addition, your cosmetic surgeon may write to you afterwards, to reiterate the medical information provided during your consultation.

Ask about cosmetic surgery credentials

If you’re offered a free consultation, always ask about the credentials of the person you’ll be seeing. Some cosmetic surgery providers only offer free consultations with a sales adviser, rather than a specialist plastic or cosmetic nurse, or cosmetic surgeon.

Having confidence in your cosmetic surgeon is vital as you will be putting great trust in them. You can really only get a feel for this at the consultation stage – so it’s essential to make sure that you meet the surgeon who would be carrying out your surgery before you make your decision.

Make the choice that’s right for you

Don’t let anyone rush you into making up your mind. You don’t need to make an immediate decision. You may wish to go away and discuss it with friends or family, gather more information, or seek a second medical opinion. Take time to consider your decision, and perhaps return for a further consultation.

If you decide to go ahead, it’s best to allow at least two weeks between consultation and operation date – so that you have plenty of time to reflect and make sure that you are entirely comfortable with your decision.

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