5. Cosmetic surgery: what should
    be included in the price?

When you approach a hospital or clinic for initial information about cosmetic surgery, they should be willing to give you an approximate price that covers the treatment you’re considering.

However, most hospitals and clinics won’t give you a firm quotation until you’ve attended a consultation. This is because the final price is often determined by the exact nature of the cosmetic surgery required, and the choice of any implants that may be involved.

Get a written price quotation for cosmetic surgery

You should be given a personal written price quotation and a document explaining the terms and conditions of the contract, which you will need to sign if you decide to go ahead with treatment.

Understand the pricing of your cosmetic surgery package

Make sure you understand exactly what’s included in the price you’ve been quoted. Some or all of the items listed below may be included in the package price, but if they are not, you’ll need to find out the additional prices of the relevant items.

Before treatment

  • Consultation with a cosmetic surgeon
  • Further consultations should you require them
  • ‘Before and after’ photos
  • Blood tests and X-rays

During treatment

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anaesthetist’s fee if you are having a general anaesthetic
  • Hospital or clinic charges for operating theatre, nursing care and accommodation
  • Drugs and dressings
  • Treatment of complications
  • Cost of care if you need to stay longer than expected in the hospital or clinic

After treatment

  • Follow-up consultations (usually two)
  • Treatment of any complications after you leave the hospital

Ask about any cancellation charges

You should also ask about any cancellation charges just in case you want to postpone or cancel your treatment. You should be wary of hospitals and clinics that charge a high cancellation fee, as this may make you feel pressured into going ahead.

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