6. Cosmetic surgery:
    additional information

Multiple cosmetic surgery procedures

To achieve the desired aesthetic result, sometimes more than one cosmetic surgery procedure is necessary. Commonly performed multiple procedures are abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with liposuction, and breast reduction combined with breast uplift.

There are benefits and risks associated with having multiple procedures under a single general anaesthetic. Depending on the procedures involved and your general health, there may be greater or lesser risk to you of having one longer operation – rather than undergoing two or more separate operations.

The responsibility for the decision to carry out multiple procedures rests with the cosmetic surgeon and anaesthetist, who must always act in your best interests, and in consultation with you. Their aim should always be to minimise the risk to you.

If you want to have multiple procedures done at the same time, you should expect to undergo a comprehensive anaesthetic risk assessment to help your cosmetic surgeon and anaesthetist decide on the safety of this approach.

Cosmetic surgery agencies

Cosmetic surgery agencies act as brokers to match-up prospective clients with surgeons, hospitals and clinics in the UK and overseas.

If you ask an agency to arrange your treatment, you should be aware that they will be earning a commission from the surgeon, hospital or clinic – even though the price you pay may be the same as if you arranged your treatment yourself.

If you do choose this route, you should take extra care to read the terms and conditions of any contract you enter into.

Cosmetic surgery abroad

The idea of a holiday combined with cosmetic surgery may be appealing, but standards of care can be very different overseas. You could have problems if something goes wrong, especially once you have returned home and if you need follow-up care.

It may be difficult to check out the quality standards of the hospital or clinic in advance and you’ll be unlikely to meet the surgeon treating you until just before the operation.

If you arrive and find you are not comfortable with the hospital, clinic or surgeon, you may feel it is too late to back out of the arrangement.