Arranging treatments

It’s easy to arrange an initial consultation straight away. Just call your local Spire hospital or complete our simple online enquiry form. If you decide to go ahead with cosmetic surgery, you can book your treatment at a time that suits you.

Choosing your cosmetic surgeon

You can choose your surgeon with Spire Cosmetic Surgery, so you might want to find out more about our individual cosmetic and plastic surgeons before making your appointment.

We are not able to recommend one surgeon over another except where one has specific professional expertise, but you can get information on each surgeon by using our online consultant search tool. You can also ask your GP for advice and may want to take printouts or notes from this website for their reference.

You may have a friend who has recommended a cosmetic surgeon, which is always reassuring, but bear in mind that surgeons may specialise in particular types of cosmetic surgery. Be careful about choosing based on someone else's recommendation alone - their situation may be very different to yours.

Read more about what to look for when choosing a cosmetic surgeon in our cosmetic surgery brochure.

GP referrals for cosmetic surgery

Most cosmetic surgeons will be happy to see you for an initial consultation without a referral from your GP. But if you plan to go ahead with cosmetic surgery, your surgeon may ask your permission to contact your GP for details of your medical history. This is an important safety precaution, especially if your operation requires a general anaesthetic.

Although you may not need a GP referral to see a cosmetic surgeon, we recommend you consult your GP at the very beginning of the process so that you can get their professional advice.

Get the most out of your first consultation

Your cosmetic surgeon will help you set realistic expectations and will decide whether they can offer treatment to achieve the look you want. You will be asked why you want surgery and will be shown 'before and after' photographs of similar operations, to help you decide if cosmetic surgery is right for you.

It may be helpful to bring a friend, partner or relative with you, as there will be a lot of information to absorb and consider. You may want to have more than one consultation before making a decision. This is perfectly understandable, just check with your cosmetic surgeon whether their initial consultation fee includes the option to return for a second appointment at no extra charge.

Our cosmetic surgery brochure pages and our cosmetic surgery blog have a helpful list of important questions to ask at your first consultation.

Booking your cosmetic surgery

If you decide to go ahead, we'll arrange your treatment for a time that fits around your other priorities and commitments. If the treatment involves a surgical operation, we will ask you to wait at least two weeks between your initial consultation and the treatment date. This gives you plenty of time to reflect and make sure that you are entirely comfortable with your decision.

It may be possible to have non-surgical treatment on the same day as your initial appointment. Just ask if immediate treatment is available when you book your consultation.

If you would like to book an initial consultation just call your local Spire hospital or simply complete our online enquiry form.